RFID Solutions Inventory Management

RFID Solution
Give you Complete Control of Inventory and Production

System Nexgen can provide information of RFID Solutions for a number of applications in the manufacturing industry & supply chain management. The unique information of products, batches, cartons and pallets etc. can be captured automatically once the RFID labels are applied at product inception, and the information is highly accurate and secure.
Our wide range of RFID labels/ tags are used for production & inventory control system, smart shelves real time inventory, supply chain security system and logistics management etc. We offer personalization services which includes data pre-encoding, variable data printing & 4c printing.

Key Benifits

Real Time Tracking of Goods

  • Real-time time tracking of items within the manufacturing facility and also between manufacturer to supplier till end point of sale at retail

RFID Smart Tags

  • Monitor unattended inventory
  • Automatic item identification on mixed pallets
  • Real time tracking and locating of tagged items on shelves

Overhead Reduction

  • Track product shipping and receiving automatically
  • Instant inventory visibility or on-site via automated RFID System
  • Efficiency in error reduction reduces manual labor/time cost of employees