RFID Solutions For People Identification

Smart Tracking and Monitoring of Employee, Student or any other people

Adding RFID innovation to a security wristband offers access to an entire universe of new conceivable outcomes, empowering scenes with secure cashless installment exchanges and keyless access to lodging rooms, locker rentals and so on. System Nexgen RFID wristbands likewise empower continuous connecting of visitors to their web-based social networking profiles and additionally aid the gathering of date for examination etc.

SNG RFID wristbands likewise empower following and checking of an occasion or race and additionally help settings streamline their photograph administration framework by connecting visitor photographs to their RFID wristband, making seeing and buying, advantageous and fun. So hurry up and use RFID Solutions People Identification by System Nexgen.

Key Benifits

  • Quicker and more helpful access control
  • Take out deceitful utilization of fake tickets
  • Human services Patient ID applications
  • Improved client encounter (outperforms 1D and 2D standardized identification items)
  • Support and brand advancement
  • Allot interesting distinguishing proof number to every guest

Key Products

  • Tyvek Wristbands
  • Direct Thermal Wristbands
  • RFID Poly Wristbands