RFID Solutions Asset Tracking

Efficient Asset Tracking RFID Solutions for increased productivity, accuracy, compliance and accountability of goods throughout product life cycle

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID Solutions Asset Tracking) technology is the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to track, locate and manage government paper work files, important documents and library materials etc.

RFID enabled Document Management System and Library Management System reduces labor, ensures that books are re-shelved quickly, shortens wait times and ensures quick turnaround time.

Taking inventory with the aid of RFID takes only a fraction of the time required with traditional systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Automates issues and returns
  • Provides real time inventory visibility
  • Rapid Sorting and automated inventory
  • Reliable theft protection
  • Minimizes labor cost
  • Unique serialized identification
  • Quick tracking of books and documents

Services Offered:

  • Variable data printing
  • Encoding facilities
  • Full colour printing
  • Quick turnaround time