Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) in hospitals plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability of sterile surgical supplies for all departments, wards, Operation Theater, ICU, and CCU. In the past, manual record-keeping and Excel sheets were used to manage CSSD operations. However, web-based CSSD software has revolutionized the way CSSD functions, making it more efficient, economical, and uniform.

Web-based CSSD software is more useful than manual recordkeeping and Excel sheets because it provides real-time notifications for all packs. The software sends notifications in case of near expiry dates, unused packs, and staff member’s absence during operation or surgery.

Web Based CSSD Features

  • Pack Formation
  • Pack Packing
  • Pack Sterilization
  • Pack Issue to Department
  • Pack Return
  • Pack Items Inventory Management
  • Pack Items Stock In
  • Reports For Management


Pack formation involves assembling all necessary items required for surgery, which can be easily tracked through the software. Pack packing ensures that all items are packed correctly and are ready for sterilization. Pack sterilization is a crucial step in the process, and the software ensures that all packs are sterilized in a timely and efficient manner. Pack issue to the department involves tracking which pack was issued to which department and when. Pack return is also tracked in the software to ensure all items are accounted for. Pack item inventory management and inventory items stock in providing real-time updates on inventory levels and when items need to be restocked. Finally, reports for management provide data on inventory levels, usage, and other important metrics.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards using web-based CSSD software in hospitals across the globe. However, in Pakistan, the adoption of this technology is still at a very low level. Currently, only 0.02% of hospitals in the country are using web-based CSSD software, while the majority still rely on manual record-keeping and Excel spreadsheets. This outdated system can make it difficult to keep track of vital information, such as the expiry dates of equipment and the usage of certain packs over time. By adopting web-based CSSD software, hospitals in Pakistan can streamline their operations and improve patient outcomes by ensuring that their equipment is properly sterilized and maintained.

In conclusion, web-based CSSD software is a valuable asset for hospitals as it ensures the smooth functioning of CSSD operations. The software’s features, such as real-time notifications, pack formation, packing, sterilization, issue and return tracking, inventory management, and reporting, make it more efficient than manual record-keeping and Excel sheets