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Odoo Software

Odoo Software

All-in-one business management software

Fully featured and very customizable solution

One app for one need among a broad app store

Leading suite with integrated and automated apps

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Odoo Software Features

Broad community

Large network of Odoo partners (+2800) and committed community.


Fits large and small companies alike. Suited for any type of business, from 1 to 300 000 users.

User friendly

Very intuitive interface. Covers complex needs without being complicated.

Up to date

Meets customers’ evolving needs. New version released yearly and large investments in R&D.

Odoo Positioning

Intuitive software that solves the traditional conflicting choice between the need for large business coverage and a user-friendly solution.

Odoo is a flexible solution that evolves as your business grows: add more apps and customize your database whenever you want according to your needs.

Odoo Positioning

Hosting platform

  • Full-stack Platform as a Service  (PaaS) hosted on cloud and out  of the box.
  • Unlimited development branches with a  configurable number of staging branches
  • Allows you to make your own developments while Odoo  manages the infrastructure
  • Use of 60+ Certified Odoo Apps,  26.000+ third apps and any custom  module

On Premises

  • Odoo software hosted on the partner’s / your own server
  • On-site hosting that gives total control on the IT infrastructure
  • Implementation, updates, added modules, developments and maintenance will be managed by the partner’s / your own IT department.