Inventory Management

At the core of the software functionality that operates an inventory system tightly integrated sales and payments. A database of products, customers, partners and contacts tightly integrated for the purpose of efficient inventory management system and sales order processing. Scan manufacturer bar codes and much more.

Sales Management

A sales management is a part of SBS Lite that helps salespeople get organized, manage their orders easily, track their sales deals more efficiently and save them time. SBS Lite can help you take your customer relationship management and sales management to new levels of success and improve your levels of client retention and relationship.

Invoicing and Payments

As part of the sales order process, the system can produce back-orders, quotations, and delivery orders. As the last step of the order processing invoices are automatically created and can easily be retrieved. Payments party wise available with outstanding detail. Full and installment options available to receive payment with SMS alert.


The Smart Business Suite Lite is equipped with web portal to show purchase summary, sales summary year wise and payment data dashboards and different types of graphs for easily decision making. Each module comes with table and chart reports which provide you with the useful information and business intelligence.

Industries, Who Use This

Warehouses & Retail Stores
Laboratories & Medical
Distributors & Retailers
Departmental Store

Why Smart Business Suite Lite for Your Business?

Enhances Business Efficiency

Cost Effective

Real Time Access On data

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