Golden Rules of Cloud Computing

Golden Rules of Cloud Computing

With the understanding of cloud and its features, we have to be very careful in choosing and using cloud services.

Though the price is the major deciding factor, we have to take care of other factors too. This article gives you the 5 golden rules of cloud computing that you should follow.

Always backup your cloud data

Cloud is not an error-free environment. So when there is an outage in cloud servers, there is always the possibility of data loss. So always back up your data in a safe place like your hard disk, portable hard disk etc.

Don’t store your personal data in the cloud

Security one of the major challenge in cloud computing. Research is going on to find a perfect security model for the cloud. But it’s not yet implemented. So don’t store your personal sensitive data.

Share with Care

When you share the data on the cloud you should be very careful. Since though you delete your copy of data it will remain in the cloud since it’s shared with others. So when you want to share the data with others, be sure about person and content.

Spend some time to read the privacy policy

In cloud computing paradigm privacy plays a huge role. So when you sign-up for a cloud service please spend time reading the privacy policy of the cloud service providers. Don’t blindly press OK for everything.

Choose a stronger password

It’s a general care that to be taken when you use the web applications. But the need of stronger password is increased with increased use of cloud computing.

A research study says its only takes $45 and some hours to crack an 8 character password. So its good practice to use at least 12 character passwords. The letters, words and alphanumeric password should be used in the password to generate a stronger password.

Conclusive words

With the growing demand for cloud services, everyone is relying on cloud services for the day to day activities. But it is the fact that you have to take precautionary measures before relying on the cloud services so should have to consider the golden rules of cloud computing.

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