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Customers, suppliers, sales agents and employees can be conveniently connected to the ERP system using web portals, regardless of the devices, platforms and sites involved. Everything you need is a web browser. Relevant data stored in the ERP system can be accessed online in real time. As a result, everyone has the information they need for their work at hand.

Since the web portals are fully integrated into the ERP system, redundant data are avoided and no other systems or interfaces are required that have to be updated and maintained.

The Highlights of Web Portals

  • Business partners and employees take an active part in ERP processes
  • Roles and authorizations control access to real-time ERP data
  • Full integration avoids redundant data
  • Target group-specific configuration
  • Several web shops per company possible

Compatible On Devices

System Nexgen Web Portal
System Nexgen Web Portal
System Nexgen Web Portal
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