Golden Rules of Cloud Computing

With the understanding of cloud and its features, we have to be very careful in choosing and using cloud services. Though the price is the major deciding factor, we have to take care of other factors too. This article gives you the 5 golden rules of cloud computing that you should follow. Always backup your cloud data Cloud is not an error-free environment. So when there is an outage in cloud servers, there is always the possibility of data loss. So always [...]

5 Reasons Cloud Computing Is Key to Business Success

Although the cloud in its current form is still a relatively recent development, interest in using cloud computing in the enterprise continues to grow. Cloud computing has a number of benefits, including cost savings. Of course, we’re hearing more and more about cloud computing these days – but what is cloud storage, and how can it benefit your business? The fact is that you’re probably already using the cloud without even realizing it. If you use a web-based email provider such as [...]

web based erp

Web Based ERP

Use Web Based ERP & Reduce Hidden Cost We are offering Web Based ERP Software Solution that focusing on small and medium industries to run their businesses effectively. Some Features are as Under Low Initial Investment Relying on traditional old-age systems needs a significant resources including licenses, servers, installations, manpower etc, whereas with cloud-based ERP, user can just need a single click and that’s it. Connect through a simple link from the web (internet connection is required), Now a user is no more require to [...]

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